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    I've heard a lot from Stephen Zunes throughout the Iraq debate and he's been one of the more sensible and forceful voices against war. A couple months ago I watched him as he kicked the crap out of some lacky from the Heritage Foundation on CSPAN, and tonight he's on NPR during their Sunday Evening lefty roundup. He's relatively optimistic, where "optimism" suggests the feeling that the anti-war movement has a finite chance at pre-emptively preventing a war. It frankly looks to me as though war is completely infeasible and would amount to political suicide for the administration without a "smoking gun", but that's probably because I also think a war on Iraq would be insane to begin with.

    What I'm wondering is whether, as some variety of rabid leftist, I'm supposed to follow Kos' lead and bitch about all the rabid right-wingers and republican businessmen that have infiltrated the peace movement.

    If the war is stopped maybe we can force a rollback and prosecute the companies that supplied Saddam's WMD programs in the first place.

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