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    I've been watching the anti-war rally in DC (last headcount I heard went as high as 100,000 and ANSWER organizers are claiming 200K, but what's really impressive is that people could go through the harrowing experience of listening to long wandering speeches by movement politicians for over 3 hours without rioting. Protests were widespread.) on c-span today, partly just to hunt for the faces of friends that are there - I certainly don't agree with all of ANSWER's and IAC's politics, or the Workers World Party that organized them (they're Marxists, yadda, yadda, yadda), but it's good that somebody managed to organize, and the WWP and its front organizations aren't the only groups involved with the DC march or other protests around the country, nor have they pushed their agendas in their antiwar work. In general I would agree with Moose that "convergence" is probably a better term to apply to such a conditional alliance rather than "unity". Regardless people just getting involved or looking on from their armchairs (like, say, myself) should get to know the sects so that they can acknowledge differences and not let secretarian crap divide up common ground, which is what an anti-war movement is about. Nevermind knowing well enough where to tell red baiters where to shove it. Act rational not ballistic. Say, like this guy.

    Speaking of which I also watched the pro-war rally of about 80 people and was highly impressed with John Armor's insights on the issue, which I think was Iraq - his speech was a poetic mantra, starting with "Ramsey Clark is a moron", and going down a list: "The Green Party is a moron", "Liberal professors is a moron", "The press is a moron", along with a tirade about how the DC Sniper's Muslim background wasn't being reported, ala Limbaugh, with commentary that seemed to amount to 'Muslims is a moron'. Such deep, criticial analysis as this is vital for the republic.

    "George W. Bush, your arms are too short to box with God." -- Mahdi Bray, making the one rhetorical statement that made me laugh at how right-on it was.

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