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    Since the State Department isn..., 2006-02-09 11:16:43 | Main | just another innocent bystander..., 2006-02-10 10:57:29

    I keep hearing about these hillariously anti-semitic cartoons published by ubiquitous Arab media outlets. Presumably amusing depictions of Europeans being duped into that preposterous Holocaust thing are now being published far and wide to demonstrate how Europe's defense of freedom of speech cuts both ways in the utter debasement of informed discourse.

    When I saw a certain prophet wearing an exploding turban I initially figured it must be a sort of "Who Would Muhammed Bomb?" pacifist incitement against violent co-religionists - something akin to, say, a cackling Jesus raping some poor, hijabed Iraqi "detainee" or dropping 2,000 lb JDAMs on a Pakistani wedding party from His station in the glorious Heavens, His Father infinitely approving beside Him - but apparently the greatest insult to certain cliques was the jive despoiling of certain religious traditions against Pictures, Photographs, and other Blasphemic Soul Stealing Devices. If that's the case then what has happened is merely another of your standard European-issue gross violations of the Prime Directive. Liberal pundits are talking about dialogue, but I would proffer that interacting at all with folks who take iconography as a criminal intrusion into their lives is tantamount to genocide. Aboriginal specimens such as that should probably be preserved by isolation before their innocence is despoiled by the power to not be offended [via schwarz].

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