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    Hullaballistic potboilers:

    The thing to remember about corporate media is that it's not just a matter of servile liberal reporters obeying their nutjob capitalist bosses - constantly reminding you that you should treat statements from foreign governments as propaganda but never reminding you to do the same to your own - but also the functional equivalent of getting your news from a hysterical drama queen.

    Watch CNN launch into fake histrionics over broken nails all you want, all they want is to get your attention. Since Democrats are hardly less capable of being jingo muttenheads than Republicans the media jocks don't have to waste time pretending they're objective about it, since they know most of the ganglia attached to the eyeballs they're shelling for are no better at it than they are. Why make the effort?

    Hence any little setback gets blown out of proportion and critics get some easy pickings for a few days. Anything serious you probably could get dramatic about will mysteriously disappear into the archives of your favorite print journal without entering the narrative of your favorite FOX correspondant.

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