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    suddenly 53% think Saddam was "personally involved" with 9/11, again, up from lows of 43%. 10% of the population keeps changing its mind. I don't get it. Does capturing Saddam somehow prove in these peoples' minds that he was involved? Do they have no other recourse to justify this war? Don't they watch the news? Do they believe this because they watch the news? The pundits disemble over this, spinning the question off into the inanities of a plain refusal to answer a simple question. Does Peggy Noonan think Saddam was personally involved? I sure as hell can't tell. No lie has been such a comparable feat of American illogic, 'leaked' propaganda, and recourse to the denial of history and all evidence, even after such and such a President was forced to recognize a plain and simple truth in plain and simple english. A servicable lie for greasing the revolving door, but me, I'm the conspiracy theorist.

    I'm going home to Minnesota tomorrow, and I'm going to talk some angry rubbish in bars. I'm insulted that the poll even has the word "think" in it: if we're not being lied to about imaginary friends that live inside the chambers of our vascular organs we're being lied to about the justifications for something those same imaginary friends would never condone. Feh.

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