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    "If Bill Clinton's definition of 'is' matters, surely this matters"..., 2003-06-19 17:33:33 | Main | The foundations of tyranny..., 2003-06-20 02:27:44

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    The Hulk: the great anti-militarist anti-hero, available in two colors, a sort of humanist alternative to The Bomb and sometimes Las Vegas casino bouncer, who by a great leap of fiction is never responsible for any human deaths because otherwise we might not empathize with his base desire to be left alone - if only not for those pesky Pentagon sub-contractors. His was a lack of personality strangely at odds with his one-time travelling companion (nevermind that dirty Greenwich hippy, Dr. Strange) the Sub-Mariner: the environmentalist, isolationist Marvel version of Aquaman that has the occasional and uncanny desire to wipe out his father's entire extended family - namely humanity - for shipping unpackaged, used hypodermic needles to his underwater kingdom en masse. Lousy surface dwellers.

    Hulk's movie is premiering, and I liked it, and I haven't thought much of any comic-book adaption since Tim Burton's Batman, so it's been over a decade. I suspect this is because only Ang Lee has the prerequisite experience with characters that do a lot of hopping. The Sub-Mariner is apparently being adapted now as well, which is a little like unnecessarily remaking Waterworld. Suggested reading would be this rambling Nick Nolte interview, where we learn to blame the Iraq war on the limbic system. What's that word Stan always uses, wood shavings with an exclamation point... excelsior!

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