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    From the Department of Beating Dead Horses:

    What the "growing anti-Americanism" lemming brigade call anti-Americanism is apparently a simple matter of disagreement with and mistrust of US policies, and an attachment, one shared by many Americans, to their own culture:

    "U.S. global influence is simultaneously embraced and rejected by world publics. America is nearly universally admired for its technological achievements and people in most countries say they enjoy U.S. movies, music and television programs. Yet in general, the spread of U.S. ideas and customs is disliked by majorities in almost every country included in this survey."

    Of course, the obvious solutions will be called "backing down to the Islamists", and I acknowledge that Arab elites use bad US policy to excuse their own bullshit, but this "USG is pro-Arab, pro-Muslim" talk is a whitewash of the groups we've supported inside Arab countries,

    Take, for example, Saddam Hussein, who has started two wars, killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Arabs, looted and vandalized Kuwait, threatened his neighbors, tortured and repressed his own people, used chemical weapons against opponents and civilians, fired missiles against population centers, and tried to develop nuclear arms so as to dominate the region. Despite his record, Arabs throughout the Middle East are constantly told by their leaders that the United States is the party responsible for Iraq's problems, and that Washington is the one seeking to dominate the Persian Gulf.

    Insert "with US support or condonment" at each comma and it becomes an accurate statement. I don't think the US is soley to blame, but I can't do much, if anything, about what other people's leaders are doing in their name. It doesn't seem all that bright for mine to run around bribing Afghani warlords, re-arming the drug lords in the Northern Alliance, increasing military support for Turkey, Indonesia, Israel and Pakistan, and isolating Iran from dialogue for being the Embodiment of Evil on Earth on conditions based purely on economic and "security" interests.

    Apparently the answer is for everybody to continue acting like assholes. Mmm, the moral equivelancy of war hawks: "But Islamofascist's mom let's him brutalize Arabs!" Where'd I put my Mecca Cola?

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