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    shrug it off..., 2004-11-08 22:32:46 | Main | chalmers johnson: In the era..., 2004-11-09 14:39:55

    freedom costs a buck-o-five:

    take as your tropes America's hatred for liberal Hollywood and America's vast capacity for uncuriousity about the world and put them in one movie and you get Team America. Nevermind that niether are true, as Americans ask for but don't get more documentary programming and continue throwing good money after bad for more dumb gossip about liberal Hollywood. It's pretty goddam awesome. Same reducto ad absurdist humor as South Park: all foreigners are presented through the lens of grossly racist devaluations, all Hollywood celebrities are presented as unthinkingly hypocritical douchebags. Since the heros represent the irreducible qualities of the Bush doctrine the movie is a right-wing tract on the war on terror, since the irreducible qualities of the Bush doctrine is just jingoist caricature it is really a caricature of a right-wing tract on the war on terror. The movie is a mockery of nothing.

    Which is good entertainment. Unless you like the fact that the only people asked to present anti-war positions on the news are stupid douchebags from Hollywood. Or you find it offensive to have the stand-in leader of the proverbial free world demanding a blow job from a broadway actor. Or you think the leader of North Korea shouldn't feel rhonrhee because Bush has thrown him not just one party but multi-parties. Or you think spoofs of conservative Nashville douchebag Toby Kieth - that are infinitely better than anything conservative Nashville douchebag Toby Kieth has done - aren't awesome.

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