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    Why isn't the US Ambassador to Baghdad reporting all the good news? Because they are reporting the good news: our Iraqi employees are recieving death threats, and not, you know, death. Dress codes for men, women and children encourage professionalism! The planned Kurdish tent cities in Ibril for ethnically cleansed Kurds are only in the planning stages, how bad could it be? Electricity generation may not be what it used to be, but that's why our mission is so crucial: the last one out gets to turn on the lights. The fuel lines are all part of an American-lead environmental conservation program (it's called the Green Zone for a reason!), forced upon the administration: the real people to blame are those far left wing environmental wackos. Embassy staff recieve death threats if they speak in English, thanks to our vigorous efforts to promote Arabic as the national language. And hey, if only we had to worry about skyrocketing emmigration! Cell phones cause brain tumors, so it's probably for the best that if you use one you'll be targetted for liscevious behavior. "Baghdadis have honed their survival skills" to blend into the dominate religious codes of surrounding neighborhoods: culture is flowering into a multitude of different blosssoms of bloody retaliation. The best news of all, of course, is buried at the end of the report:

    Objectivity, civility, and logic that make for a functional workplace may falter if social pressures outside the Green Zone don't abate.

    You see, we're nearly finished! Soon Iraq will operate with all the objectivity, civility, and logic of our own government.

    update: And one more thing, for all these reports about a lack of electricity there sure doesn't seem to be much difficulty operating their power drills. There's a real story there and the media is totally whiffing it, it's all negative spin, doom and gloom. Shame!

    Ok, really, did you read that? What actually concerns Khalilzad in the end is fucking workplace performance. Not the repression and murder and kidnapping and bloodshed and suffering, but how it affects fucking workplace performance. As Bob Dreyfuss tries to explain:

    The Bush administration's strategy in Iraq today, as in the invasion of 2003, is: Use military force to destroy the political infrastructure of the Iraqi state; shatter the old Iraqi armed forces; eliminate Iraq as a determined foe of U.S. hegemony in the oil-rich Persian Gulf; build on the wreckage of the old Iraq a new state beholden to the U.S.; create a new political class willing to be subservient to our interests in the region...

    Then he meanders off the farm into something about an antiwar "movement". I seem some heat but not a lot of movement.

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