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    explosives gone missing at camp caca:

    The reports I read all noted that the facility was being monitored and regulated by UN inspectors, and that the explosives were being used to destroy the missile components (later exported by the US run regime) declared to the UN by the regime in their December report that could, if not carrying any payload, exceed limits imposed by the disarmament provisions. If the explosives were removed prior to the invasion then it would seem contingent upon the US having forced the removal of inspectors due to the invasion. On the most obvious grounds the Bush administration's defense of how they went missing is only credible as "defense" if you believe Bush and Rumsfelds' protests in the past that weapon inspectors weren't allowed in. They were allowed in and had secured said explosives. The explosives were made insecure by The Dumbest War, but at least the Oil Ministry is still safe.

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