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    downing street:

    over the weekend I heard some establishment types respond to the DSM 'facts are being fixed to policy' bit. On CSPAN there were some really hilarious attempts from foreign policy establishment folks to pull apart the word "fixed" as describing a routine beaurecratic process, including a performance by weapons inspector david kay. Yesterday morning on NPR there was a lengthy discussion with two reporters from the Boston Globe and the Economist, which, I mean they were working themselves into a pretty strange contortion to play on both teams at once, and after some rather judicious caller responses basically came down to, 'it depends on whether you think the president ought to be prosecuted if he lies to congress and the public in order to drag them into an optional war'.

    Anyway, the DSM is merely independent, high level confirmation of what we already know, and I like that catch phrase, "fixed". They fixed the fight and repaired nothing. Consortium News has a good summary of corresponding revelations on top of old facts that have dropped out of other investigations, none of which have been investigations of Bush's pre-war use of intelligence. The facts of the fixing are everywhere to be tripped over like discarded bags of dirty laundry by complicit officials who want nothing more than to step around them. It's sort of sadly amusing.

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