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    huh..., 2007-10-26 13:33:40 | Main | Heh..., 2007-10-27 10:11:16

    documenting the documentaries:

    I was gonna tell you about what I'm watching this evening, but apparently you can just watch them too:

    Guess that makes my life easier. Sucks to be in Iraq, on the other hand. The first movie was Oscar-nominated for doing such a good job of showing how much it sucks for Iraqis to be in Iraq, the second seems intent on demonstrating how much it sucks for private contractors to be in Iraq. While you can't be prosecuted for anything you do there, one supposes, it's the case that nobody can prosecute the company that hired you for unnecessarily getting your brain blown apart.

    It can't just be that no good deed goes unpunished: maybe to grasp the wonders of the American system you have to think in terms of incentivizing disutility all the way down. My anarchist sympathies, I think, are confronted with the phenomenon of firms quite surpassing their levels of incompetence, in violation of a fundamental principle of state. Whatever it is, it must be very nearly approximating some threshold of perfection.

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