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    Derek Deveron in the NRO on the Iraq of tomorrow!, some minor corrections in brackets:

    During this period (approximately six years), the framework for a market economy is laid. To do this, the [CPA] privatizes state-owned enterprises [refusing reconstruction aid and other funds to domestic industry in the process], simplifies regulatory controls [on foreign capital and ownership], and establishes [foreign] property rights. Fundamentally, market-entry barriers [to foreigners] are removed and an atmosphere conducive for [foreign] entrepreneurs is created.

    "Foreign" maybe should be "coallition member countries", as most existing 'entreprenuerial' opportunities have been granted to American and UK firms.

    Using electricity production as a central factor in creating a flourishing economy, the latest Brookings Iraq Index lists electricity at about 60 percent of CPA's initial goal [remaining in January well under pre-war levels of 95,000MWH at 79,000MWH]. The lack of electricity certainly complicates life for ordinary Iraqis and prevents an economy from normalizing.

    Remains rather misleading: the 60% claim is based off February numbers that don't exist yet, as most of February hasn't happened yet. Electricity production has exceeded pre-war levels a total of 4 months out of nearly two years of occupation, and with far higher degrees of volatility. As a reminder "pre-war levels" represent a very sorry state of affairs. On the other hand telephone subscriptions have increased by about 300%. That does count for something.

    Ending on an optimistic note:

    The final phase of democratic transformation is the "hour of the citizen." After this phase is completed (approximately three generations or 60 years) [Iraq might become a place suitable for people to live]. ... It is clear [that 76%...no 60%...no 51% of] Iraqis will not be dissuaded from exercising their God-given democratic rights [by the Bush administration].

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