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    now you know..., 2006-06-15 10:09:49 | Main | FM AMEMBASSY BAGHDAD (JUN 06) SENSITIVE..., 2006-06-19 10:46:39

    Dear reader,

    After waking up to the sounds of the lively, incoherent blather coming from the House this morning you no doubt have been stumbling through your day in an apolitical, apathetic haze, seemingly unenragable by the long litany of stupid idiocies pouring forth from the systemic mental retardation known as the United States Government. Then you read this:

    A disaster relief company that took supplies that were supposed to go to Sept. 11 rescuers at the World Trade Center escaped punishment after the government discovered its own employees had stolen artifacts from ground zero, once-secret federal documents show.

    ...two whistleblowers eventually lost their jobs, received death threats and were blackballed in the disaster relief industry. But they remained convinced their sacrifice was worth it to make sure justice was done.

    They were wrong.

    It'd just been a little while since you'd seen a two-wrongs-make-a-right thrown in your face like that by the justice system - maybe it'd been a whole week! And so you went into an unholy rage, defenestrating your computer monitor and maybe smashing some chairs over your head to ease the pain.


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