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    from the Dept. of Forgetting Afghanistan..., 2005-04-05 11:57:33 | Main | foreign direct investment is good for the soul..., 2005-04-05 14:22:39

    dead popes and dopes on a rope:

    we have no particular beef with His Holiness outside certains strains of conservative, authoritarian religious thought that seem to sum up this country's awareness of where he stood and the numerous occasions where he woke up on the wrong side of the cathedral - that is to say we have no particular beef except numerous particular beefs - he was otherwise your typical paternalistic welfare-state anti-war liberal, which is typically ignored in this country (or, when actually noted, rabidly denounced).

    The cable news networks are demonstrating that well enough, as there's little or no mention of anything interesting about him in all their hours of coverage. We are rendered simply incapable of fathoming how they can take one story after another and give it constant, unwavering coverage, beating it until it finally dies. It's absolutely incredible the talking head's don't explode from having to listen to so much repitition of the same fucking drivel hour after hour, my only explanation is that the reason they expressed so much sympathy for Terry Schiavo's plight is that they happen to share it, and must, I imagine, envy the Pope.

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