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    tinhat loons sometimes hate democracy..., 2005-03-29 12:13:08 | Main | perhaps, perhaps, perhaps..., 2005-03-30 00:49:36

    collections of moths, cephalopods, and a variety of small furry creatures:

    I've been thinking maybe I should have started, instead of making liberal use of highliters and dogears or just tossing them somewhere, keeping passages from my haphazard reading down in the blog back when I was reading the Autobiography of Mother Jones (which ought to be converted to digital format and freely avaialable online anyway), or Dawn to Decadence (which probably would have required quoting most of the book, as there's not really any unquotable material in it). Kolko has his rare moments, like the description of the nationalist Chinese army during WWII from his Politics of War. But I've mostly finished that, and his numerous examples demonstrating that the US Open Door policy and what the US percieved as other countries' Imperialist policies were essentially the same thing will have to wait for the next food fight.

    On which note my latest flipbook is the collected Essays of A.J. Muste, just as a reminder that Christianity often remembers itself, where this short sketch pops up on page 6, relevant to the food fights of the present:

    Nearly all of those whom I had known as young men in the labor and radical movement in the Twenties and Thirties were in the Armed Forces. The United States was allied with Communist Russia, so the adjective was not generally employed in those days. Stalin was often dubbed Uncle joe. Magazines like Life ran articles shoing that the Russians were really more like Yankees than any other people in teh world. Part of the "treason" of which pacifists were judged guilty was thir pointing to the crimes and errors of Stalinism. Indeed the term "Stalinism" itself was virtually forbidden. These things "just sow suspicion about Allies and interfere with the war effort". It is not possible for people to be involved in a great war and to be objective at the same time.
      --A.J. Muste, Sketches for an Autobiography, 1957-1960. p.6

    My favorite example of spitting peas out the nose at one's dining companions - Sawicky will probably sum up another batch of examples from Instapundit sooner than later - remains the gold standard, though [emph. added]:

    "It is not only un-American but anti-American," the Democratic platform declared, "and it can be fastened upon the United States only by the stifling of that spirit of love and liberty which proclaimed our political independence in 1776 and won it in the war of the Revolution."

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