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    clawing our way back to the kiddie pool of international relations, where we belong:

    Am I the only one who thinks that not being whatsoever familiar with the Bush doctrine of preventative war against any hypothetical future threat to the nation is probably a good thing? Heaven forfend that anybody might hear that phrase for the first time, heavily intoned as Doctrine with a capital D, and make the devastating mistake of taking it seriously.

    Leave aside the argument that you'd rather have some small town pole come in and read the Amended US Constitution and the UN Charter and the Various Conventions of War with fresh eyes, as we could only hopelessly dream this Sarah Palin fellow might be doing for the first time in her life somewhere between takes with the nation's leading amateur breakfast chef.

    The Bush doctrine was clawback from Clinton doctrine: preventative war against any hypothetical future threat to whothefucksoever. The breakup of the FRY was an intrastate conflict in which multiple US-lead interventions smashed every little dotted i of international law into a million little pieces. So crumbled that remote opportunity to establish a system of international norms that might have passed for something resembling law, nevermind order. The Clintonites beat themselves up over the people they didn't bomb, rather than the millions they starved to death on a cocktail of their own feces or ethnically cleansed, or so on or so on or so on or fuck knows what others fail to immediately spring to mind. In the grand scheme of things the Bush doctrine was a humbler foreign policy carrying a bigger chip on its shoulder.

    And all that's without breathing a word of Haiti's long string of bad luck.

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