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    peas in a pod..., 2003-06-17 11:57:45 | Main | tell us something we don't know..., 2003-06-19 01:44:08

    catch the purile shit stream and bow before master:

    Watching a little Kudlow and Cramer before I hit the sack, and Kudlow or Cramer is talking to McCain, who argued a few points I found bizarre:

    1. The war on Iraq is the reason anything is happening towards a resolution for the Palestinian-Israel conflict: on the face of it absurd, the only reason anything appears to be happening is because Israel's primary backer is making a lot of appearances, and thus far nothing has happened besides a dramatic escalation of the conflict.
    2. That a man of honesty and integrity like W. couldn't possibly have lied: I have no comment on matters of the President's character. Don't see how its relevant.
    3. Per point 3, paraphrasing, "we will find WMD in Iraq": likewise irrelevant. I'm perfectly willing, unlike the hawks, to be patient on the WMD issue. Maybe they can start by finding the scraps left of the Al Samoud II missiles the UN and Iraq were cooperating in the destruction of as we were invading the country - maybe they can find some "dual use" equipment in the debris to justify the war. They might also want to shut up the British press, since they keep exposing the administration's lies and seem to actually care. Here in the states we've just got a ratings orgy where the press feasts hourly on the legacy of one particular woman who, like hundreds of others - an aspect of the story that might actually qualify as national news and is thusly rarely mentioned - was murdered.

    Kudlow, or whichever, was too busy trying to justify the war before McCain could justify it to ask any follow up questions. Meanwhile I was vomiting my guts into a plastic trashcan at the sight of two grown men groveling before the flag, and 22% of Americans think Saddam used WMD during the war, as one ignorant absurdity continues to follow another.


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