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    17 Uighur detainees not released from Guantanamo..., 2008-10-09 11:40:36 | Main | campaign endorsement - john joseph polacheck..., 2008-10-09 15:05:53

    campaign slings remote associations with life-saving terrorist:

    The McCain campaign fired shots across the bow today in further attempts to smear the Obama campaign with the bloodless hands of property destroying 70s domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers, who was never criminally charged for twice destroying a commemorative statue honoring the policemen killed by an attacked staged by the police at Chicago's Haymarket Square on May 4, 1886, has failed to apologize for his terrorist past, explaining that he "didn't do enough". He was also complicit in a May 19, 1972 bombing of a Pentagon womens' restroom, causing a devastating water leak that temporarily suspended Operation Linebacker I, one of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger's many firebombing campaigns of Vietnam during the Indochina War, saving untold numbers of innocent lives. Ayer's only complicity in the more lethal presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama involves hosting a single Democratic fundraiser in 1995 for state Sen. Alice J. Palmer, in which Sen. Palmer introduced Obama as her hand-picked successor, and a $200 campaign donation in 2001.

    The Obama Campaign refused to take the bait, failing to point out that the McCain campaign's Honorary Co-Chair has been summoned for questioning about his role in acts of terrorism and war crimes by, among others, Argentina, France, Chile, Spain and Great Britain. The campaign likewise did not implicate the McCain campaign in assassinations occurring on US soil during a hemisphere-wide terrorist operation the Honorary Co-Chair plotted in concert with right wing Latin American dictatorships. No questions were raised about the millions of innocent lives taken at the direction of the ex-Secretary of State and campaign co-chair, who was also not mentioned in relation to his continuing, unofficial role as an architect of other recent foreign policy disasters and acts of indiscriminate political violence.

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