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    Assuming that the poor move up when growth hits 4% is like saying that if Bill Gates goes to a Thanksgiving dinner in a homeless shelter, on average, everyone eating is a millionaire.

    It's kinda funny til he goes for the exposition, and statistics alone are usually enough to kill a joke. Do we read blogs for the wit or for the bland expansion of the range of discourse? All I know is I haven't paid any attention to Boliva in three odd years of blogging, and maybe I should now that the military is threatening to start smashing faces. On notes of the overly familiar:

    They assume that their privilege is wholly earned, and all that inheritance, corruption, foreign aid, and an economic system rigged to their advantage have nothing to do with it. People who ask questions are labeled as radicals and conspirators

    Pretty much applies across the breadth of world capitalist systems. When violence becomes a detriment to popular tolerance of privilege You resort to massive media and astroturf campaigns to label all who question privilege as commies or gay, etc., so as to let the truth sink in and catapult the propaganda.

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