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    it'd be nice if there was less bloviating and just a straight rundown of factoids, being as I don't have them laying around at hand to fill out, but to cut more or less to the chase:

    Tre Arrow, who faces a life-sentence on federal charges of burning a cement truck and logging equipment in the ancient forests of Oregon. Today, Mr. Arrow, who denies the allegations against him, is being held in Canada, where he is fighting extradition. Those machines torched in the Oregon forests were valued at less than $500,000 combined. Yet Arrow, still in his twenties, is looking at 70 years hard time in federal prison. Compare that to the Nero of Tyco, Dennis Kozlowski, convicted, along with his partner in crime Mark Swartz, of stealing $600 million from his company. Kozlowski will be eligible for parole in seven years. Enron's Meyer Lansky (AKA Andrew Fastow), the numbers man responsible for engineering an accounting scheme that resulted in the largest bankruptcy in US history, got 10 years in Club Fed--and he almost certainly won't serve all of that. They never do.

    Well ok. Some free advice to any anti-green readers I probably don't have: go file the FOIA requests for the FBI files on the executives of, say, a few oil or logging companies. Maybe it's tit for tat unwarranted surveillance!

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