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    Be Objectively Pro-Soviet - Elect Bush/Cheney in 2004:

    Do you want to use the Bill of Rights as an inexpensive substitute for toilet paper?

    Have you already?

    Do you want to illegalize flag burning because it offends your patriotism, but don't mind putting a lit zippo to the Constitution?

    Do you want to "strengthen the doctor-patient relationship" but erradicate the attorney-suspect relationship, because defense attorneys just add paperwork and jam up the gears of the American justice system? Is this your idea of "small government"?

    Do you want to help create "jobs and growth" by building a falangalist security state, employing thousands of struggling citizens as secret police? Are you working for the police state already on a volunteer basis, feeding it with trumped up charges about your neighbors, still upset that Operation TIPS was shelved, and now lining up for Talon?

    Are you on the team? Do you stand by your Police State?

    Then I apologize, because earlier, while discussing the laying of the foundations of domestic American tyranny, I mistakenly said that the feds were merely "considering disappearing citizens", without realizing that the American suspected of working with Al-Qaeda had been dissappeared for three months before anybody was told about his whereabouts, his correct name, his sentencing (to what? we don't know) in a secret tribunal without legal representation or a jury of his peers, where a confession was signed, in secret, during a time when he officially didn't exist.

    I naturally assumed, with all my patriotic pretentions, that the basic standards of American justice and liberty had been followed in the arrest. I naturally assumed that he would face something resembling a jury trial. I naturally assumed he would have representation. I naturally assumed he hadn't already been secretly convicted. I apparently expected the Bush administration to hold to some elementary standards in dealing with American citizens, and I really have no idea why. Maybe because even Moussaoui, who isn't a US citizen and is implicated in attacks that actually occurred, is getting, by appearances, a fair and just trial, something "Lyman Farris" didn't.

    For the record, of the 1,200 detained post-9/11, 484 remain dissappeared, identities unknown, no charges made, but officially being subjected to torture. Unknown numbers are held overseas.

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