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    at the circus:

    Jim Bovard doesn't have any luck finding the libertarian streak in the teabag, Tea Party activists respond by defending verscharfte vernehmung and calling him a Nazi, or worse, a liberal. I know the polls indicate a lot of Ron Paul supporters are supposed to be on the trapeze bars but I wonder if those ostensible Ron Paul supporters know anything about him. A lot of these crowds clearly don't. Maybe back when it was small groups of libertarians and liberals protesting the bank bailouts in late 2008 they did, when they went mostly ignored, but boy did those guys ever get hijacked.

    One can't help but feel like the support of Tea Parties in Arizona for the insane immigration bill they just passed is a betrayal of something or other that they may have ostensibly proclaimed to high heaven that they stood against. What was that called? Something about FEMA trailers and internment camps? Big government? Tyranny?

    They opposed imaginary medicare cuts, but think expanding it is socialist tyranny. Oppose wallstreet's graft, think regulating wallstreet is communist tyranny. Oppose the bailouts, think resolving the banks would be fascist tyranny. United on balancing the budget, oppose taxes, but don't know how much we spend on anything in the first place to agree on what to cut, hence think cutting foreign aid will balance the budget. The only coherent position they have left is that old campaign slogan about drilling babies.

    They're not a movement, they're a circus. If the democrats ever read their lines from the script about cap and trade the tea parties will scream drill baby drill until the election, then their patrons will pack up the tents and the show will be over, and nobody will care anymore who is having meetings at the local pizza hut about their research - isn't that how those puff pieces always started? The small town tea party organizer who never cared about politics until Sarah Palin came along and inspired them to do their research! - into how the federal reserve is a fascist plot to spread veganism.

    update: and... so much for drill baby drill.

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