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    The WaPo sez:

    "We started hearing about his gang after Samarra. They became active after this incident," said Majid Abu Sara, 43, a Sunni resident of al-Amil, who asked that his full name not be used because he feared for his safety. He was referring to the February bombing of a Shiite shrine in Samarra, about 65 miles north of Baghdad, that triggered cycles of sect-based revenge killings. Most of the other splinter groups also emerged after the attack.

    That reminded me I never learned who was actually responsible for that attack. Figured I'd see if maybe there was any update since February, so check in with wikipedia and you get a list of public accusations, none of them particularly credible (the US claims it got "confessions": gee, I wonder how they might have illicited those?): Al Qaeda has accused the Shi'ite dominated Iraqi government of orchestrating the bombing in collusion with Iran; Iran has accused 'Zionists' of orchestrating the bombing in collusion with the United States; and the United States has accused Sunni insurgents of orchestrating the bombing in collusion with Al Qaeda.

    Nothing like an old fashioned, genocidal circle jerk. I just hope that in the next life I don't run into Henry David Thoreau.

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