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    as it goes in blurgistan so it goes:

    I was reading along the mostly off-topic comments here, and I think Peter's at 6:32 is really a wonderful complaint:

    Blogging's relative anonymity is essential to some far-right views. Some far-right are so politically incorrect that they cannot be discussed in non-anonymous settings. Examples include human biodiversity, homosexuality as an unnatural and unacceptable lifestyle, and some of the more extreme aspects of gender relationships such as de facto polygamy and the belief that high-I.Q. women are morally bound to produce as many children as possible.

    While most of the respondants are celebrating their victory over communism or... something, I think maybe we could celebrate the ostracization of 'racism, homophobia, patriarchy, and eugenics' into the shadows of anonymity.

    Apparently it's gotten so one can't so much as breath the words on the internets without occluding them behind confused technobabble-heavy neologisms.

    Anyway, this Freddie character's complaint wasn't that there were no major commie bloggers, but that there were no major bloggers at the top of the long tail who were identifiably pro-labor (or 'anti-capitalist', though I'm not sure why the two are conflated, there hasn't been a shred of anti-capitalism in the American labor movement since Taft-Hartley created penalties for unions with a shred of anti-capitalism). I'm not sure why that should be shocking, though: there's no labor movement around anymore to provide major backing for pro-labor media of any kind, nevermind the fairly astonishing low public regard for what unions are left:

    In 2009, for the first time ever, support for unions in the Gallup poll dipped below fifty per cent. A 2010 Pew Research poll offered even worse numbers, with just forty-one per cent of respondents saying they had a favorable view of unions, the lowest level of support in the history of that poll.

    Maybe there's been some recent advance in anti-union PR or maybe the unions are doing something wrong.

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