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    are we there yet?:

    John McCain will be 72, 3 years older than the gipper, in 2008. Rudy Giuliani - not much younger - will have been married three times (and he's still got time to squeeze in a fourth!). All those ageist, anti-divorce Americans will really have to come around to a new way of thinking about third marriages in one's old age to get on board. Life isn't looking much better for Mitt Romney who, despite having only one wife, is shouldering his share of Giuliani's burden just for being Mormon.

    By the numbers any candidate would much rather be a black female catholic in this race than a septuagenarian Mormon on his third marriage. Only a hispanic homosexual athiest would have a harder time. The real question is, is Newsweek ready to once again ask if America is ready?

    It is fantastic that over half of us just picked up the phone and told a total stranger, "yes, now that you ask me, yes I am a biggotted, judgemental prick". I appreciate that kind of frank and honest discourse. I vote for you America! A shame the other half was probably lying.

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