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    farm aid..., 2005-09-21 19:37:46 | Main | correction..., 2005-09-23 05:13:46

    and you were expecting?:

    the Government "Accounting" Office:

    GAO found numerous problems in DOD's processes for recording and reporting costs for GWOT, raising significant concerns about the overall reliability of DOD's reported cost data. As a result, neither DOD nor Congress can reliably know how much the war is costing and details on how appropriated funds are being spent, or have historical data useful in considering future funding needs.

    That's nothing really new, of course, they haven't been able to account for diddly since this began.

    Ok, but now they're asking for private contributions for the war effort via paypal. As if I don't pay enough in war taxes that should be paying for reparations, or at least some semblance of reconstruction. That story mentions the $1 billion recently stolen from the Iraqi Defense Ministery, but did everybody forget about the $20 billion from the UN escrow account for which there was little or no accounting of, or did I miss the accouting of it?

    In other news, this morning a Republican congressman I forget the name of got up and with his opening minutes proclaimed the turning tide in Iraq thanks to X number of insurgents killed and 47 weapons caches captured, etc., in Tal Afar.

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