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    and always twirling, twirling towards freedom!..., 2010-06-11 18:31:43 | Main | "The person in whose hands America had placed its hopes for finance reform was someone who once sang furniture jingles onstage with Lloyd Blankfein."..., 2010-08-10 16:42:38

    and you can too:

    CEPR has built a neat toy that does a nice job of showing that the policies politicians and talk heads usually suggest to cut long term deficits tend to impact them about as much as a dump in the ocean.

    Playing around with it I reduced the projected national debt in 2020 to 33% of GDP down from it's present 60%, but only by modeling my policy proposals on those of some crazy, unmentionable loon who can't be taken seriously: the fed buys and holds $2 trillion in debt; end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; reduce the nuclear stockpile; reduce conventional forces; delay osprey, jsf, other military hardware boondoggles; improve efficiency of military infrastructure per CBO suggestions; impose carbon tax; implement public healthcare option; allow medicare to haggle over drug prices; allow medicare recipients to shop over the border for providers; extend payroll taxes up to 90% of earnings; increase infrastructure, research, education funding by 1% (were it not for this it was down to 24% of GDP); impose small tax on speculative trading; expire bush tax cuts (income and estate); and convert the mortgage deduction/reduce home ownership subsidies for high income earners.

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