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    Turns out AIG bonuses were 400% larger than previously reported..., 2009-05-07 10:15:21 | Main | you've changed..., 2009-05-07 17:44:57

    and let's not forget to apportion some of the blame on the advocacy of one of the nation's most highly respected jurists:

    Isn't it a little weird for a guy who until a year ago was unable to qualify the success of the deregulatory movement to turn around and put the unqualified blame for a deregulatory disaster on the regulators?

    POSNER: let's place the blame where it belongs. Not on the bankers, who are not responsible for assuring economic stability, but on the government officials who had that responsibility and failed to discharge it. ...

    And let's not forget to apportion some of the blame to the influential economists who assured us that there could never be another depression.

    "Influential economists", among whom we must include "the bankers" on whom none of the blame belongs who were spending gazillions on weakening the regulators on whom the blame belongs because they were weak... OK, I guess the key to understanding the apportionment of blame for economic crises is that while it is dynamic and productive, it is not inherently stable.

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