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    a simplified timeline:

    A series of executive orders under JFK gave the President authority, in a "national emergency," to declare martial law, nationalize the economy, detain "subversives," and relocate entire populations at will. The Garden Plot plan, developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s ("Never again!" our ruling elites said), provided for cooperation between the regular armed forces, Guard, and state and local police on a national scale to restore "civil order." Among other things, pursuant to Garden Plot, many local police forces maintain files of "subversive" organizations for future reference--pretty handy in a "national emergency," when a U.S. military liason is sent to "assist" the local Chief of Police. Under Jimmy Carter, FEMA was created with the primary mission of superceding civilian government in the event of a national emergency (under Bush II, of course, it has been subsumed under the Ministry of Fatherland Security). In the early 1980s, Reagan's FEMA Director, Louis Giuffrida (at one time Governor Reagan's National Guard guy, an enthusiastic supporter of Garden Plot joint training exercises) collaborated with Ollie North in drafting plans for martial law in a national emergency. The "emergency" scenario was mass civil disorder resulting from an antiwar movement, in the event of a hypothetical U.S. invasion of Central America. If it sounds like the U.S. government increasingly sees its own population as a potential enemy, well, that's the impression I get, too.

    or looking at the same stone...

    "...you don't repair disorganized or incompetent government by granting it more power. You fix it by making it more organized and more competent. Just so here -- the move to militarize government's domestic responsibilities rather than improve them is a dangerous trend. And it suggests that, functionally, there's little left of conservatism today other than a warped big-government authoritarianism."

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