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    i would have thought this had already happened..., 2008-09-11 17:20:42 | Main | palin*tol*ogy..., 2008-09-11 20:54:53

    a silver lining to mccain's grumpy old cloud:

    Virtually everytime Hugo Chavez has done almost anything, no matter how clownish or benign, liberals and conservatives have joined together to send a unison shriek of panic skyward to the heavens. Chavez invites Cuban doctors to Venezuelan slums to heal the blind for free, or whatever trivial shit is in the news, and for the past eight years Marc Cooper, the New York Times editorial board, and Bill Kristol would all stand as one on their seats, screaming about how the communist dictatorship in Venezuela was crushing freedom.

    And not two weeks ago we were watching the spectacle of jingo-internationalist weenies brimming over with threats of war and good ole American nuclear jihad, for Russia's supreme crime of unprovoked aggression (har har) against a smaller, weaker country. Rather, we're still watching it, in fact.

    So you'd think when Russia and Venezuela cooperate on joint military nose-thumbing at us, with the former landing long range bombers in the latter and planning naval exercises, that there'd be at least of a peep of the usual crazy talk, with hyperventilating and speaking in tongues and a Monroe-Reagan Doctrine revival. I mean, it is afterall a really actual real "incursion" into our "backyard", not one some CIA apparatchiks fabricated from planted Soviet arms or some silver thread of doctored satellite data. You'd think somebody would be whooping up the red sirens.

    But I haven't heard a peep of it, the coverage is entirely sanguine. Apparently the red sirens are only turned on when it's an official fabrication.

    Instead everybody is pretending to be transfixed by some sort of campaign scandal involving livestock and cosmetics. It can only be a good thing that our village idiots have become pre-occupied by the illusion of this shiny new bauble if it means our evolving policy of benign neglect towards Latin America continues. The region's long string of bad luck may finally be at the end of its rope.

    Or Barack Obama could win, and fulfill his promise of retrenchment and "restore the US's traditional leadership in the region".

:: posted by buermann @ 2008-09-11 18:01:07 CST | link

      In my family, a long string of bad luck that reaches the end of a rope is a fate reserved for onion rustlers. Mistakes do get made in the heat of the moment. Sometimes the blameless dangle alongside the guilty. And regrettably, there have been occasions when the onion patch was expanded through the simple expedient of lynching and theft. But we're better than that now -- e.g. we no longer give people enemas before torturing them and hanging them. We try to coax them into giving us what we want, first. It's nice to see that Obama is a man after our own hearts. The crazy lady with the pet moose just won't do.

    posted by Zomg @ 2008-09-12 09:14:44 | link

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