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    a series of aluminum tubes:

    Washington Post editor Peter Eisner and journalist Knut Royce have written a new book:

    "That ['Italian letter' alleging Iraqi aluminum tube purchases for WMD programs] has mistakes in it that are sufficient to show that it's impossible that this operation could be real," Eisner told ABCNEWS.com. "Anybody, you or I, could have taken this and fact-checked this thing and we would have learned that this was nonsense. We would have learned that the organization in the letterhead hadn't been in existence for many years, that the person who signed it last served in that post in 1989 and that the court in Niger had been renamed in 1990."

    If the CIA had done a Google search on the documents, it could have altered the course of history, according to Eisner and Royce.

    You see, "the letter was later cited by President Bush in his 2003 State of the Union address as proof that Saddam Hussein was determined to build nuclear weapons, justifying a preemptive invasion of the country." So it's of some importance, as nobody at the WaPo seemed to have any difficulty with the President's claim after the speech.

    Rather than doing a google search to raise suspicions that this oft-repeated story was bunk in January 2003, however, I think it's necessary to point out that the Editor of the Washington Post could have simply read the Washington Post... the previous September. Then again I suppose it's possible that Peter, like most people, doesn't read all the way back to page A18, where the editors placed it.

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