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    not to say that an attack wasn't under serious consideration..., 2006-08-14 16:03:03 | Main | I dunno, something reminded me..., 2006-08-15 13:52:19

    a cause greater than oil:

    Brief lulls should be enjoyed.

    Now that there's a fairly unanimous declaration of victory after all this bloody silliness, for a brief second we can imagine a day when the Palestinians have TOWs and air conditioned bunkers and can adequately defend themselves without blowing up busses and dance halls, someday leading to a regional peace based on mutually hostile respect, until generations later the Israeli cabinet heckles their Prime Minister for being the Lebanese President's poodle after leading them into some disasterous future occupation of a far and distant water-rich country in the face of deep opposition from the rest of the Levant Economic Union.


    It would still be easy for us to end this shit before our mindless encouragement of the Israeli right destroys Israel.

    I can imagine the title of the future history of the years when the US put peace between Israel and its neighbors and a real war on terrorism ahead of it's own narrow and immediate and blind temporary interests. It'll be full of men and women who all stand 15 feet high and have chiselled chins and broad shoulderpads and look boldly into the future with their piercing grey eyes, who speak plainly about the present, and talk honestly, honestly! about the past, and for once in history this bolderdash breed of historiography wouldn't be half wrong. Nobody in all the internets has thought to mention its title yet, but it will be a Great Book, and among the greatest periods in the history of US foreign relations: imagine our IR graduate students, for once and only, with lullabies to sing to their children, and their children to their childrens' children, that for once wouldn't involve Nazis.

    I'd really like to read it, too, but I'll probably be dead by then.

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