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US Government not pulling its weight like it used to? Peaceniks got you down? Underwrite former proxy warriors yourself and protect your foreign capital!

More on private mercenary armies: "In Bosnia, employees of DynCorp were found to be operating a sex-slave ring of young women who were held for prostitution after their passports were confiscated. In Croatia, local forces, trained by MPRI, used what they learned to conduct one of the worst episodes of "ethnic cleansing," an event that left more than 100,000 homeless and hundreds dead and resulted in war-crimes indictments. No employee of either firm has ever been charged in these incidents."

So if you go under contract with MPRI or some such you get the stock options, 401ks, 3 times the salary, which still comes out of the pockets of tax payers in the end, plus you don't have to deal with a commander in chief that rejects by threat of veto new pension benefits for disabled vetrans. This after huge defense budget increases? The "ever-expansive obligations to the defense budget" Rumsfeld calls it - like restarting that fucknut star wars program? Or assorted pork products? Or making retired generals millionaires off mercenary contracts?

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