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N Demosthenes pointed out a debate going on at BeltwayBloggers over the war, with conservatives going back and forth. Donny Ferguson is heading an anti-war argument that even I disagree with, but that's because his foreign policy isn't really libertarian but pure interventionist neo-con, and he apparently thinks the US should actually go back to actively supporting Saddam. And if it's leftist it has to go.

His argument against war is that Saddam is better for US interests because he kills Islamic radicals, and he thinks democracy delivered at the end of a US gun will lead to Islamic radicals taking control of Iraq. I doubt the US will let the latter happen, and as recently occurred in Turkey, Islamist governments aren't always evil ghouls in league with terrorists. I'm still waiting to see what the US means by "liberation", I really don't think what Ferguson describes is a possible outcome.

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